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Peering Through MarketSpeak at Veeple- Annotated Hyperlinked Video

In looking for interesting technologies, sometimes you have to forge past what at looks like something hardly relevant to education, much the case with what I think is a powerful form of web video technology in Veeple. I stumpled upon this literally about two links of some casual wandering down my RSS feeds.

As an aside, I just love accidental finds. Leaving this for a future post, if you are a tech blogger, you want to be able to discover things that are not all covered on all the big named tech blogs like Mashable, engadget, etc which seem to carry the same stories. You want to find things not many have looked at (its nearly impossible to be “first”, but the web is wide enough to be new for your readers). Oh, now this is sounding like a different blog post.

Back to Veeple- it is a cloud-based video service that does more than provide flash video in an embeddable player; it allows you to add custom graphics, images as overlays,a s well as text annotation, and each one can become a clickable item in the video that allows viewers to see some more info and/or follow a link to another site… and I think there is some build in the tool to add comments to video.

As you look at the site, it starts my gag reflex with that word.. “monetization” (which thankfully comes up as a wrongly spelled word in spell check)

Does this language speak of potential to educators or anyone outside of sales geeks?:

The next generation web service making any video clickable, empowering web publishers to monetize their content.

Now I know they are likely aiming to make money for developing a technology, and I have no issue with that, but what would you limit the description of your technology? Not everyone with dollars to spend on technology are looking to “monetize” their content? I am by non means a business person, but if I have a compelling technology developed, why start out by limiting your audience to marketing?

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Mobile Twitter Video Storytelling

Found via a comment on an earlier post, Hugh Garry has a short video with footage shot at a music festival, overlain with a “narration” form his tweets at the event, converted via Speech to Text: As described there, Whilst making Shoot The Summer I’ve been thinking a lot about the capabilities of the mobile […]

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Groove to the Twitter Love Song

Twitter: the music video– A great compendium of visual message about twitter by Martin Weller, its uses, not, and groovy music by Death Cab Cutie I Will Posses your Heart For more fun catch Martin’s EduPunk video Hee fun to see my Twitter Life Cycle in the mix.

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Four Paws Up for Nellie’s Dog Song!

How could I resist a title in my RSS Reader from the TED Blog called “Nellie McKay: The Dog Song”: If you need a companion Just go to the pound get yourself a hound and make the dog proud. That’s what it’s all about It’s a lot of fun; even downloaded the MP4 to have […]