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The New MTV is Where M is Me

I have not even seen a glimpse of MTV for at least 10 or 15 years. I am so old I can remember when the “M” stood for “Music”: I can remember the riveting teen age moment when MTV first launched- it was radical, different, spoke to me– and it felt at the time like […]

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Talkin’ Bout Open

I hope you enjoy this teaser for my presentation next week at the Open Education Conference: I could not help selecting the D’Arcy Norman Bigger Than Life glare for the freeze frame! These quotes from colleagues near and far were taken from the 34 longer interviews I collected for Amazing Stories of Openness, and the […]

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DLSR Video

We today here in downtown Strawberry Arizona, as Mary McCann a DJ known as Bone Mama used to say, an outbreak of weather. It crashed just as I was about to enjoy a fine lunch of peanut butter and jelly, and it occurred to me this would be something worth trying to video with the […]


Granny’s Stories

Today was the day seven years ago my grandmother passed away. When exactly she was born (sometime in 1905) is a matter of fuzzy record, as she herself told, as her birth into a family of 7 siblings raised by her father in Newark, New Jersey was certified more 50 years later through research into […]

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Video Call (two strikes already) for Amazing Stories

I’ve started doing some Skype video interviews to collect the material for an upcoming Open Education conference presentation on Amazing Stories of Openness. In an email exchange with Leigh Blackall, I thought it could be fun to post a call for stories on YouTube and ask people to respond in video. it seems so web […]

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Rock the Academy The Video

Inspired by the brilliant twitter love video by Martin I have been thinking of trying my hand at the craft, so here is a promo video for the upcoming NMC Online Symposium on Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning. So I stretch the stereo type of “traditional” academy, but it’s all in fun. And […]