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The New MTV is Where M is Me

I have not even seen a glimpse of MTV for at least 10 or 15 years. I am so old I can remember when the “M” stood for “Music”: I can remember the riveting teen age moment when MTV first launched- it was radical, different, spoke to me– and it felt at the time like […]

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Talkin’ Bout Open

I hope you enjoy this teaser for my presentation next week at the Open Education Conference: I could not help selecting the D’Arcy Norman Bigger Than Life glare for the freeze frame! These quotes from colleagues near and far were taken from the 34 longer interviews I collected for Amazing Stories of Openness, and the […]

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DLSR Video

We today here in downtown Strawberry Arizona, as Mary McCann a DJ known as Bone Mama used to say, an outbreak of weather. It crashed just as I was about to enjoy a fine lunch of peanut butter and jelly, and it occurred to me this would be something worth trying to video with the […]


Granny’s Stories

Today was the day seven years ago my grandmother passed away. When exactly she was born (sometime in 1905) is a matter of fuzzy record, as she herself told, as her birth into a family of 7 siblings raised by her father in Newark, New Jersey was certified more 50 years later through research into […]

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Rock the Academy The Video

Inspired by the brilliant twitter love video by Martin I have been thinking of trying my hand at the craft, so here is a promo video for the upcoming NMC Online Symposium on Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning. So I stretch the stereo type of “traditional” academy, but it’s all in fun. And […]