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Collaborative project between JIBC and University of Guadalajara to promote course design to be student centered and deploying mobile technology.

UDG Agora

UDG Agora una vez más

Look at those tired, weeklong workshop worn down expressions on University of Guadalajara faculty in that photo above. This was the energy we saw a lot of earlier this month, for the entire time for the second year of the UDG Agora project, a collaboration between the Justice Institute of British Columbia and the Universidad […]

UDG Agora

The Top x Things About #UDGAgora

Our Open Education 2015 presentation yesterday on the UDG Agora project was scheduled in the big vast main ballroom. The big house. Along with Tannis Morgan, Brian Lamb, and Terri Bateman, we tried to cram a lot of stuff into a 30 minute box. My “weird idea that my colleagues should laugh it off dismissively” […]

UDG Agora

A Lovely Bloom of UDGAgora Hashtags

From our initial visits and surveys of participants, we knew twitter was not in wide use among the faculty participants of the UDG Agora project. We heard people mostly use Facebook, and WhatsApp for quick communication. In our first meetings, we collecting some data for participant’s twitter awareness (this was only sent out the first […]

UDG Agora

The Twitter Ramp Up Problem

We are hearing a lot of feedback from our UDG Agora participants that many of their efforts to have their students use twitter fall short “They don’t like it”, “They won’t go there”, “they prefer Facebook”. I have zero surprise. If you send anyone to twitter for the first time telling them to “make and […]