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Collaborative project between JIBC and University of Guadalajara to promote course design to be student centered and deploying mobile technology.

UDG Agora

The UDG Agora Group Photos

I should have posted these photos a while ago. On the last day of each week of the face to face activities for UdG Agora we asked people to assemble on the lawn outside the CUAAD campus classrooms we used for our sessions. It worked our well because I went two floors higher and was […]

UDG Agora

Tweeting the #UdGAgora

I have no insight to the future of twitter as a company that rumbles around the conjecture, business, and tech gazing blogs. Tech is always a moving target. Below are some thoughts and even charts and graphs about our use of twitter for the UdGAgora project, focussing for now on the use with our two […]

UDG Agora

The UdG Agora Daily Try

Another part of my bag of tricks I brought to the UdG Agora was setting up a site modeled after the original DS106 Daily Create (which is itself a derivative of the defunct Daily Shoot). This idea is something I have kept close for quite some time, that establishing a regular creative practice done daily, […]

UDG Agora

Building the Main UdG Agora Web Site

Alas, my pile of things to blog about the UdG Agora project is more like the pile of stones than the finished end piece. Here I will describe what went into the main project web site http://udg.theagoraonline.net/ — and as all my web sites go, they are never quite done; some organization needs to happen. […]

UDG Agora

The UdG Agora Project (part 1 of ∞)

I do not know where to begin writing. Back when I was just a puppy of a blogger, I’d document almost every session of a conference. I look at this empty WordPress editing screen trying to figure how to describe the last two weeks spent in Guadalajara in the perhaps the most intense and most […]