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Video Call (two strikes already) for Amazing Stories

I’ve started doing some Skype video interviews to collect the material for an upcoming Open Education conference presentation on Amazing Stories of Openness. In an email exchange with Leigh Blackall, I thought it could be fun to post a call for stories on YouTube and ask people to respond in video.

it seems so web 2.0ish.

I’m having problems with what looks like fine MPEG 4 video on my computer upload to YouTube and end up with the voice and video way out of sync, like the badly dubbed Godzilla movies, so here it is hoisted on my own server.

It’s still a call for responses, so please reply to the bad synced version on YouTube or post a comment here with a link to your video response. And I have to admit, I need some diversity- so far (self included) my cast mostly all white guys. C’mon ladies and folks from outside the US? But I am not picky, white guys are still welcome.

call for amazing stories (quicktime)

In my first cut of shotting the video, I used the laptop camera on my MacBookPro and spoke audio into my headset mike. The audio was pretty shabby, and started out out of sync.

So I redid my monologue, using my Flip Mino sitting on a GorillaPod. With no one at home, it was a bit of trial and error (out-takes not) to get the shot aimed right. I edited it quickly in iMovie (I am still using the 2 versions back one). I add titles, and I like to separate the audio track to I can cut and drop in some still images. I also went to ccMIxter for some background music- Happyhappyrainbows by colab.

I save mine as broadband high quality MPEG-4, which comes in at 640×480. I uploaded to YouTube, and the web version was way out of sync. I redid it at medium quality and same result. I don’t understand what YouTube is doing in the processing, but it is borked. I give up.

Sometimes, you just have to say, it ain;t gonna work, and move on.

You can also send me some details on your story via the Google Form at the bottom of I am really excited about the bits I got so far, and I have a fun reto idea for the presentation in Vancouver.

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  1. I’ve recorded a response for you as well. I’ve had to stick the video on Blip.TV for the moment because YouTube is being uncooperative and throwing errors.

    In the meantime I’ll persevere with YouTube so I can send it as a reply to your original video there.

  2. @Robin Heyden: Thanks Robin- I enjoyed reading of Larry’s innovative work with high school students (and used those great examples of Toondoo projects for my 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to tell a Story).

    Not to be ungrateful, its not exactly what I am looking for– I am seeking the stories where these created things go online as openly accessible content and something happens as a con sequence (e.g. the President of Iran sees the cartoons and apologizes for rigging the election 😉

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