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Amongst the crap and spam of email comes a gift…

cc licensed flickr photo shared by misterbisson

Yep my internet grandchildren, Old CogDog remembers when e-mail was pretty much it for everything on online activity, long before junk mail, phishing, spam, twitter, facebook. blogs, heck before the web.

It;s refreshing when something nice just lands in thr box, and makes you pause and smile. Today’s gift:

Hi Alan,

I am a secretary at [Xxxxxx], and a bit of a tech geek, so I have been following your blog since you presented at our [school]. Anyway, I am sure you have already seen this, but on the off chance you haven’t…

This site will compare bing and google search results side by side.

I picture the shy secretary secretly tweeting and blogging, and the fact that this person decided to share something forward the old fashioned way, well heck, it’s just making me smile.

As I wrote in the reply:

That is so kind of you to share, and to pull the curtain back, I do NOT see everything out there and rely on other people to share, so thanks 😉

(and my choice of photos above is a bit slanted, I could not find a bing box, so sue me)

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