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<3 Google

They may “Do No Evil”â„¢ but they can “Take Away Web Stuff That Works For No Credible Reason”. There is goes. Bye bye Reader. #GoogleNot4Life pic.twitter.com/2Yt4X7xuje — Alan Levine (@cogdog) April 6, 2013 If Google cannot afford the expenditure or running a web service, how are they funding the raft of experimentation? This is but […]


Google Personality Disorder

I might be the last one left still using Google Reader. Why not? Although banished from the menus, it will work through July, 2013. I’m in no hurry to join the Mad Rush To Find The Perfect Reader Replacement That Does Not Exist. But I was surprised when tonight reader announced that a newer version […]

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Google Guitar Hero

When I first saw (or correctly, when Ninmah sent me the link) Google’s home page today, first reaction, was “nice graphic”- a guitar version of the logo. Then I moved my mouse. The graphic made a noise. OISOME! The logo makes sounds. But wait, there’s more. You can record your sounds at a URL you […]