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Chrome Dog (króm hundur)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by mrphancy I’ve been a few weeks into using Google Chrome, and sorry Old Fox, the shiny metal is looking and feeling good. With Firefox, it was a long running period of spending time I’d rather be browsing waiting for Mac Beachballs to stop spinning, or that pause when a […]

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Ford Wave

cc licensed flickr photo shared by gamp Taking a page from Google, there is new announcement from the automobile industry: BillyBob and Melba Bootwaddle, the original creators of the reverse flow corn cob floating ball carburetor, will take the stage to unveil their latest project, Ford Wave. As BillyBob describes it, “Knowing what we do […]

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Wave, ripple, and flow

My own Google wave spun through Photoshop As much as I recall being smitten by the original Google Wave Preview video (I watched the whole demo, its still on my iPhone), I’ve felt not more than tiny ripples of interest, and until just a few minutes ago, was curious why I was not feeling the […]

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Dead Blog Dog

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Carplips I have had a hair tearing hacked WordPress blog experience here over the last 2 days. I don’t know why, but it really knocked my knees out, and I am reeling to figure out why this has gotten to me on an emotional level. That even sounds silly […]

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Let’s Put an End to Stupid Forms

cc licensed flickr photo shared by voss You would think in an advanced electronic era that has brought us tools to broadcast our breakfast dilemmas and make our rock and roll dreams come alive that we might perhaps… maybe… improve the collection of information via @$#%#ing paper forms. There is no excuse for wasting my […]

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Missing Pie Pieces

cc licensed flickr photo modified by one shared by alexik Don’t belittle me for not knowing how the great Google Machine works, but I am feeling like someone took my piece of pie. For more than a year, at NMC we’ve been running Google Apps Enterprise Edition for Education. I am more than happy not […]

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WTG? What the Google is Going On?

I admit it. I still regularly review content RSS feeds in that archaic, pre-twitter-is-all-i-need thing called a “Feed Reader”. Me and 3 other holdouts. Go ahead, call me a throw back. Recently, in using Google Reader, I am seeing signs that the Great Google is subtly slipping in more social network features, that have me […]

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The Instant Web (Just Add Now)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Slightlynorth My not so accurate radar is being tickled by some recent emerging technologies that some Big Shot may place as the next incremental digit following “Web”. Submitted for your approval, Mr Serling: A lot of talk of “real time search” The whole crazy growth of Twitter, Facebook, etc […]