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Let’s Put an End to Stupid Forms

cc licensed flickr photo shared by voss You would think in an advanced electronic era that has brought us tools to broadcast our breakfast dilemmas and make our rock and roll dreams come alive that we might perhaps… maybe… improve the collection of information via @$#%#ing paper forms. There is no excuse for wasting my […]

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Missing Pie Pieces

cc licensed flickr photo modified by one shared by alexik Don’t belittle me for not knowing how the great Google Machine works, but I am feeling like someone took my piece of pie. For more than a year, at NMC we’ve been running Google Apps Enterprise Edition for Education. I am more than happy not […]

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GSearch in GMail is GGreat

New in Google Labs is an add-on for having embedded web search in your email space- this means while composing a message, there is right in the mail interface a search form. The results appear in a GChat pop-up/overlay, and the results can be directly inserted into your message. In this case, I am emailing […]