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Don’t belittle me for not knowing how the great Google Machine works, but I am feeling like someone took my piece of pie.

For more than a year, at NMC we’ve been running Google Apps Enterprise Edition for Education. I am more than happy not running desktop mail applications, we have the office sharing calendars and doing collaborative work in docs. That’s great.

Yet, I am baffled why in this Enterprise Application package, we are missing a key tool for collaboration- Google Groups. Along with Maps and Google Reader, it requires us to keep an “out of enterprise” account open at Google to use these orphaned services.

Where it gets really goofy, and twisted, is that for many of its own services, Google runs support through Google Groups- so to get help for Enterprise Apps, I have to access this service via my personal Google email address. We have a long list of projects and instances where we’d love to have a group environment– but its not an option.

Is it just a vain hope that Google will add these services to their Enterprise package? I mean (and tweeted out to the vacuum of space) that its not like they need to invent anything new.

Google, oh Great and Powerful Google, give us Groups. And Reader.


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  1. You can beg all you want, but the power lies with them not you. Google owns you! We have sold our sold for ease and convenience. Satan is waiting at the edtech gates for all of us.

  2. Amen. Google’s stuff is very slick and I have become a convert … even if the Bava thinks I am hanging with devil. “The sinners have much more fun” however. I simply want it all — just give me all the google tools under one account … I might even pay for it!

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