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You can always count on someone sooner or later warning about the dangers of what you put online since "one day someone will google your past".

I’ve already blogged about this fear, and how ridiculous the concept is if you spin it around to the suggestion– it thus says we should all aim to construct false personas of perfection online, so that one day when I am seeking a job, my employer will look back and find 27 years of clean living.

Who in their right mind will weigh your current achievements with the same consideration as what you were doing 20 years ago? It makes no sense to me,

So I decided to create my own Falsebook presence as a model for others to do- only generate perfect representations online of them "because one day someone will google your past."

C’mon, create your false profile today cause someone is gonna be searching it and you want to look pristine!

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  1. I know of at least two faculty who maintain separate Facebook accounts: one for friends and another for students and professional “acquaintances”. One of the things I especially like about Facebook is that you can get to know more about a person outside of work or school. I like to imagine that one day social networking will result in a more open culture rather than the other way around.

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