I hope you enjoy this teaser for my presentation next week at the Open Education Conference:

I could not help selecting the D’Arcy Norman Bigger Than Life glare for the freeze frame!

These quotes from colleagues near and far were taken from the 34 longer interviews I collected for Amazing Stories of Openness, and the full stories will be made available after the presentation next Wednesday.

I got the videos in a variety of ways; in person with my Flip Mino (the best quality); Skype video interviews (doh, guess who did not mute his mic and ended up sounding like a wheezing phone pranker), response videos to my YouTube Call for Stories video, ones people just sent me, audio recordings I set to images, even from my little Canon pocket camera at a dark bar in Hawaii with subjects lit by LED flashlight.

I actually did all the edits in a 2 version back copy of iMovie HD (the one before the really bad version)– I have a pretty good technique for lifting out video so I can insert voice overs of screens (and hopefully not too much Kens Burn nausea).

It’s gonna be a fun show! I’ve got a few surprises up my dog collar. I am sure you are not going to miss Open Ed, eh? Go buy a plane ticket and register, willya?

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  1. Crowdsourcing and tech is fun and gives you lots of ideas 🙂 Enjoy and send my bear hugs to all edupunks present. Take special notice of Carolina R., representing Brazil in the unconference pitch wiki.

  2. Sick. I loved it … so many killer voices and stories! Nice work CogDog … it stands on its own, even without the diagram I was going to draw for you.

  3. Great…now I am even SADDER that I cannot make it OpenEd. Someday…someday.

    Really great teaser. Appreciating your work.

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