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Before the Shark There was the Tuber

Only because @echoln tweeted her extra large yam comes this un-necessary Yam Yarn assignment for ds106 Yeah, yeah, yam sharks might be a little scary, but nothing is more terrifying than the Great Orange Tuber, the classic story of all times. This was a quick PhotoShop cut and layer job, based on a movie poster […]

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War of the Yams

Yam mania defines ds106, and like my first yam yarn, I have space yams on my mind. It’s 11PM and I’m photoshopping yams. — Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy) January 4, 2012 Hah, Timmmmy, I’m photoshopping yams at 12:30 AM, because IT’S A WAR OUT THERE IN YAM SPACE (as well as in the oceans) This is […]

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Yam Trek! Star Yam!

Star Yam 13: The Final Leftovers is the next series of adventures for Captain James T. Fork of the Starship Yamterprise, it’s 9 year mission, to sek out new plates and new celebrations, to boldly go where no yam has gone before! It’s a Yam Jam Theme, starting with Lisa Lane sailing the Yam Boat, […]