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Star Yam 13: The Final Leftovers is the next series of adventures for Captain James T. Fork of the Starship Yamterprise, it’s 9 year mission, to sek out new plates and new celebrations, to boldly go where no yam has gone before!

It’s a Yam Jam Theme, starting with Lisa Lane sailing the Yam Boat, Scottlo showing the Yam Who Would Be King, and next, MBS taking my favorite starchy movie, Cool Hand Yam (goes well with eggs).

How could I resist? I’m no spud.

Now someone needs to make this assignment for ds106, as this is getting out of yam. It could put a whole now flavor on mashed-up assignments.

Ingredients for this image:

UPDATE for red shirted ensign ds106ers! This is now officially an assignment with the tag VisualAssignments311

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  2. Hi Alan … I want to thank you for “yamming it up” and motivating the DS106 community to “get creative”. As an educator who has a passion for sharing, I wanted to pay tribute to the ideas and resources that you have so willing disseminated in almost nine years on CogDogBlog!

    Motivated by your passion for yams, I posed the question “What do René Descartes, Neil Diamond, Alan Levine, the cartoon characters Popeye, and Dr. Seuss’ Sam-I-am, all have in common?” To find out, you’ll have to visit my recent #DS106 post at: http://life-long-learners.com/i-yam-having-so-much-fun-learning/

    Thanks for caring & sharing.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

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