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Travel Hippy Style With Ozmomatics

As part of a ds106 final project story I am doing based on the Wizard of Oz, I have a part where Dorothy decides to go back to Oz. Not knowing how to find another tornado to whip her house (no one in Liberal, Kansas could explain how the house that was whipped to Oz […]

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Storytelling in Storify: I Have a Secret

This week in ds106 we are returning to something we have not done since the Spring of 2011, the idea of telling stories within the web – you can find more information in this week’s assignment. While we have been publishing stories on the web, in our blogs, these assignments are meant to get you […]

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ds106 Super Heroes: Bava Mathers

Super Heroes, we’ve got them in ds106. In digging the archives of bavatuedays, I recently came across Jim’s post on Cotton Mather, Marvel Supervillian? in which we see the source of his lovely blog icon. Ultimately, this leads to full profile bio of this dude, Cotton Mather. And so I dig back, and find that […]