Okay, this should do it for a while. D’Arcy Norman suggested adding an output option to allow insertion of item date to the list. While in the code, I also made it possible to have an option on the channel display to list the title only (as well as title and description of channel, or no channel information).

That makes four options to twiddle with.

See the latest demo for details and source code .

This is the third uipdate, following up on yesterday’s cogdogblog: RSS to JS update

Yes, we could continue to add options until the URL is the length of the Nile, but I am stopping for now.

At least this exercise made me realize that my XML feeds from the maricopa Learning eXchange did not include the dc:date RDF tag for items, which I have now added (in our case, it is the date the item was lat modified).

The tricky part was parsing out the dc:date format, well not so tricky, just blunt force coding.

The post "RSS 2 JS Code and Demo LAST update" was originally thawed from a previous ice age and melted at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2003/05/rss-2/) on May 14, 2003.

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