The more you click around the web, the more you see information rich sites that could do a little bit more good by adding RSS feeds to their content. It’s even worse when you scan the URLs and sense that the content is idling away in a database. Like Clara Peller’s inquiry for beef, we are wondering, “Where’s the Feed?”

Both myself and D’Arcy Norman implemented it into our learning object collection sites in a matter of a few hours. Here is just a scoop of sites that should be adding the little orange link box..

Judging from the content structure and top links. I think these are all from the same folks, the Arts & Letters Daily, Business Daily Review, SciTech Daily – all of these sites feature RSS like headinlines on the fron page- a blurb a link that lead to a full story. Where’s the feed?

The Chronicle of Higher Education features “channels” of news stories related to issues in education, and they send RSS-like content via email… Where’s the Feed?

The greatest movie resource on earth, the Internet Movie Database most surely spits out its vast content from a database. They could easily have an RSS feed on new releases, their movie news, etc. Where’s the Feed? has subject oriented web site reviews in all kinds of areas- their main web feature is a list of Web site sities, links, and a short description… sure sounds like RSS content, but….. Where’s the Feed?

I could go on but you get the idea. The more you look at “catalogged” content, or web sites that gather collections of descriptions of other sites, the more you should be thinking…. well you know the tag line.

What else? Chime in. Operators are standing by.

Update: Here’s The Feed!
Joe Hart’s EduPortal gets it. A web site referatory with an RSS feed–RSS.php

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  1. Yes, I was surprised at the complete loss of the free items in our recent email updates from the Chronicle. We have a subscription, but I can longer share nearly as many stories as I did earlier tis year.


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