Wow, it is not even 15 minutes following our teleconference on “What’s The Fuss about RSS?” and already George has posted some great summary points, elearnspace blog: The Fuss about RSS – Summary.

How did I know? I glanced at my NetNewsWire RSS aggregatos and saw not only George’s new blog entry, but one from David, a modified PS from D’Arcy, and maybe more to come.

But I have to mention this great line from George’s post.

Under “A few thoughts” George said

Explaining RSS is like explaining sex. You just don’t get it until you do it.

That is true.

But you know RSS is not like pizza, when it is bad, it is really bad ;-)

Thanks to all who participated and asked questions. It is clear that we not only need to develop more collections with more RSS feeds, but some compelling examples or realworld scenarios that can demonstrate what RSS can do in an educational context.

I would say that likely the easist things a faculty memebr can do now with RSS, is use some of the JavaScript insertion tools to add RSS feeds to their home page, resource pages, or course pages. As we have already documented, if someone can cut and paste with a mouse, they can add an RSS feed, a dynamic and regular updated resource, to any web page.

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