Give me a free hour and there goes another new RSS Feed. Since 1996, we have been accumulating some 4000 interesting web sites in our web’s eye view bag of urls.

Essentially the format for the content is a site title, URL, and description (does that sound like RSS or what?)

The site has an entire back end admin system where any visitor can submit a site via our drop it in the bag form. New items go into a temp holding area, until we can review them. The added feature now posts approved sites to the new Bag of URLs RSS feed.

Typically, we wait until 30-40 items have filled the bag, and then our script generates a new web page for the most recent bag and posts a copy to an archive. We then send out notices and a link to those subscribed to our webs eye view mailing list.

The bag pages are static ones (for now) and are not updated as web sites have their links rot. But we do run link checks on the sites that sit in the searchable collection.

Building on the tools for other recently add RSS feeds Teaching and Learning site and DirectorWeb made this a baby step.

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Building on the code done for adding RSS to our DirectorWeb site, it took less than an hour to integrate it into our Teaching & Learning on the Web.

Once again, adding RSS was wonderfully simple.

You can find this new feed at

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