Wow. In a very un-MERLOT-ian scheduling coup, we have the opening session (right after Wayne Hodgins! October 14) for a presentation at the NMC Online Conference on Learning Objects.

For those that missed the MERLOT 2003 presentation, this is your chance to see it during this conference, except now we get to add the razzle-dazzle (sound) as the conference format is via Macromedia Breeze. This is the return of Lora and Boris, and their blogging adventures on learning objects in their discipline.

The presentations are made available to conference attendees to view any time– Brian, D’Arcy, and myself get to then be available at a scheduled time for a live chat.

As far as the conference:

The theme of NMC’s first online conference on Learning Objects is the application of learning objects and learning object theory to educational contexts, specifically within higher education.

It is certainly a new, well maybe not that new, but a novel way to hold a conference. Curious to see/hear how it pans out.

What will you see from us?

Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, Trackback, and Weblogs

Customized collections of learning objects from multiple repositories can be achieved with simple, existing RSS protocols, creating access to a wider range of objects than a single source. This presentation will demonstrate the approach via a scenario of two faculty members who create RSS views into the collections from different organizations. Their blogs are connected to the RSS feeds and provide a component of object contextuality that is beyond the meta-data.

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