As we predicted, the time is ticking on the young, naive open-ness of RSS; witness the gathering vultures circling overhead. Greed, chasing of a dollar, and even the smallest crack are an open invitation for the party-crashers who will usurp everything that is open and collaborative just for a few shiny pennies.

RSS: It’s Not Just for Bloggers Anymore

Yup, the viagra pushers are game too.

Is Ad-Supported RSS the Next Big Thing?

Next biggest things since pop-up porno? portals? push-technology?

RSS Is The New News “RSS (alternatively Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is the new way sites and blogs distribute content. You probably already know this. But here’s something you may not know: How to make money in RSS software.”

How virtuous, what an epitaph that would make.

Buy & Sell RSS Ads Place your ad in RSS feeds throughout the web. Reach users who read content in RSS aggregators.

What not just spit in their cereal bowl? Kick sand in their face?

Monetize your RSS feed. Maintain total control over the ads placed in your feed. Expose all of your content via premium RSS feeds.

Monetize this, eh?

Circling, circling, circling… here come the vultures.

More Vultures…

Getting Your Business Ready for RSS
RSS is part of a new revolution of Push Technology on the Internet, and soon any business without an RSS “feed” available to its website’s visitors will be considered outmoded.

Wow, does this mean can give up “pushing”?

‘Push’ technology gets a nudge

And we get spam in the face? a kick in the arse?

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