Kicking the XServe

As the blog turns…

Since our MovableType move last month to a new server, a shiny Apple XServe, I’d been noticing that email notifications of trackbacks and comments reported not the IP address of the person who had sent the comment/trackback, but the IP address of the server itself. Hard to block spam roaches by IPs that way!

Worse, when I checked the MovableType activity log, all entries were credited to an access from that same IP. Even weirder, the Apache access log was recording correct IPs but the Apache error log was reporting, again, the clients’ IP as the server address.

Checked that all of the Apache modules were activated. No change. Ran a PHP script on this server and another Wintel/Linux box that echos the client’s IP/hostname- worked on Linux, not on the Apple server.

“Walter” on the Apple support forums as well as D’Arcy suggested turning off the Performance Cache in the OSX Server Admin. I tried that once to no avail, but this morning,I remembered I had set up another domain to be hosting a web site there. Shutting of the same option for that server made everything work as expected.

Not that the help documentation really helped. Just a note for anyone running a webserver on a Mac OSX host- turn OFF the Performance Cache option.

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