While on the phone today with Larry Johnson, CEO of the New Media Consortium, he suggested I take a look at the latest issue of Syllabus— it was sitting on my “maybe I will read some dead trees” pile, but lo and behold, on page 36 is a screen shot from the presentation I did with buddies Brian and D’Arcy for the October 2003 NMC Online Conference on Learning Objects.

This was our Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, TrackBack, and Weblogs “show”, using Macromedia Breeze for an audio narrated presentation (and real images and voices for our pseudo-characters, Boris and Lora). The NMC conference was one of the better and active one of these types of events, and I am not just saying that because we were part of it. It was rather active, and Larry said that people were using the site, posting to the boards, for weeks after the live event.

Anyhoo, the Syllabus article for February 2004 is one of the “Case Studies” that describes the NMC conference (“An Experiment in Social Computing”) which is to be honest is rather general and could have used some more actual content or comments form the conference (Larry says he got the byline, but it was written by someone else???). In the article is a screen shot from the conference, and shazaaam! it is the 2nd slide from our presentation.

(The little JPG on Syllabus’ web site is pretty grain, so here is a better grab:)

Oh, the ego stroking, indeed…. Well not that much of a stroke. CDB readers will know that we think Syllabus does not know a blog from a hole in the ground, and even this article is woefully lacking the relevant web links that would give it depth, breadth, and context. All we get are the same words as are in print, and I find almost no value added in a digitized version of the dead tree article.

It is again, a digital representation of paper, or in Negroponitan terms, more atoms than bits.

But what the hey, may it will get tossed on the resume ;-)

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On its own, blogging is nicely permeating among some of our faculty. At this Friday’s Ocotillo Online Learning Group meeting, we have 4 demos of different ways weblogs are currently in use at Maricopa.

A brief preview for those who cannot be at Phoenix College Friday…

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