We Got Blogs – Maricopa Faculty Demos Friday

On its own, blogging is nicely permeating among some of our faculty. At this Friday’s Ocotillo Online Learning Group meeting, we have 4 demos of different ways weblogs are currently in use at Maricopa.

A brief preview for those who cannot be at Phoenix College Friday…

Chris Heilman (chemistry, Phoenix College) has been blogging long before I even heard of it– check out his personal blog (Radio):
101 three sixty five

Cheryl Colan (media department, Phoenix College) has been keeping an active and well-designed MovableType blog for an external project chronicling the process of s digital film project. “I’m going to give a brief demonstration of how to add static web pages to a Movable Type weblog. Use of this technique allows you to update any page of your site anytime, from anywhere you have Internet access.”
Campesinos de Arizona
Cheryl’s personal blog

Alisa Cooper (English, South Mountain) has had her students use weblogs for projects and writing over the past few semesters. “I use a blog (iBlog for the Mac) in my hybrid freshman composition course as an interactive tool to keep students informed about what is going on in class. It is organized into five sections: FAQ, Assignments, Computers, Final Essay, and Lectures. All blog entries have options for students to send me feedback via email or post comments about the blog post for all to read. The blog has a calendar, RSS feed option, hit counter, and weekly polls.

I make blogs a requirement for students in my first year composition course and developmental writing courses. We use Blogger.com, a free web based blogger utility for these courses. Students use the blog as their writing journal. They respond to writing prompts three times a week. The blogs are public, and students are encouraged to read other students’ journals/blogs. ” Some samples:
English 101
English 071

Rick Effland (Anthroplogy, Mesa Community College) is starting blogging on a large scale this semester with his Buried Cities and Lost Tribes course.

A reference for accessing any of the Blog Worlds that students are currently building (Click on the name to access any student blog). Comments are open to visitors on any blog entry:

So indeed blogging is happening around here, and this is just a sampler. I know there are more out there, and we will continue to sniff ’em out.

I have also enticed an Art faculty to start a new blog (Testing the Waters) on his experiments in having his students create photoblogs at Buzznet more on this as it unfolds as Robert is co-presenting this with me in April at the Teaching Online in the Community Colleges conference

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