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SciencePORT: Scientists Get Fed Here

I think that SciencePORT is a directory/search site of RSS feeds in the sciences. It is hard to tell since the “About” link is just a bunch of links to RSS aggregator downloads. Well it does have “bugs” on the logo and a BETA stamp. Nuff said.

But they have a directory structure that lists feeds, and for each they pull top 5 headlines. Lora is sad that there are no Geology feeds, though she knows of a few.

Talk about a serendipitic web? I was scanning The Shifted Librarian’s blog as I had commented there last week and was curious about any follow-up (sigh, this is a problem of following “conversations” among blogs). Anyhow, there was a person named “Olaf” who provided the SciencePORT URL. Click. I was there.

I’ve said it to others, but if you rely only on the results of a Google search, you are missing most of the web. That is just the first foray. Numerous times I have found the best stuff 1-2 links off of the top results, when I explore what other people link to.

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  1. Alan,

    thanks for your feedback.

    You are absolutely right: SciencePORT is a directory/search site of RSS feeds in the sciences, and geology was missing. We have changed that: put Feeds according to “geology” into “geo-sciences” and tell Lora…we are happy about any submitted Feed – except for spam of course.

    We are going to upgrade the “about” section, but for me its easier to write it in german first and we are still thinking about the "abouts content”. However, SciencePORT is still under development, so be patient, please.

    …there are no “bugs”, but “ants”…

  2. Wow, Annette, thanks for a quick responses! I hope you realize this blog gets sarcastic, so do not take it as criticism– we are excited to see more use of RSS in different fields.

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