Revving Up the eP

Finally, we are starting to see some signs of activity on our Maricopa ePortfolio site. Originally developed at and for faculty and students at one our colleges, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, the developer has graciously shared it on a server in our office that is open to everyone at our 9 other colleges.

It has been sitting there, ready to serve since last Spring. Few takers.

But now things are picking up. Some Computer Graphic Art Students at Phoenix College are just getting started setting up a first batch of student ePs. Another one of our colleges is holding a faculty demo alter this month. And our Ocotillo ePortfolios Action Group will be sharing this widely in their upcoming activities.

And Helen Barrett, the “grandmother” of electronic portfolios (her words) has been one of our most active guest users in creating a comprehensive eP in a short period of time– this is great as Helen will be visiting Maricopa in February 2005 for an ePortfolio Dialogue Day.

And I decided to get off my lazy behind and put some new content in my own eP, building a new collection in about 25 minutes with articles I have written the last few years for our internal publication. Someone e-mail Biff Cantrell, as his eP is pretty dusty.

Good action is brewing.

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