Holy Meta Data! Flickr Strikes Again

Wow, a side benefit to the iPhoto to flickr plugin is that it grabs the metadata iPhoto stores for the images, as I noticed images such as the giant Fred Flinstone I had uploaded this was had been (correctly) identifies as having been taken with an Olympus 4040 digital camera.

This is good meta data- it is automatically created (no tag typing, or 2 page form completions) and it is transparently and appropriately used when the “object” (my image) moves from one environment (my computer) to another (to flickr).

And then you click the link for the camera name, and you get all the freakin meta data! This is provided as part of EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data file format that is nicely handled by iPhoto.

Does that make sense? Metadata ought to be completely in the background. Transparent to the user. Is that the tack taken by “learning objects”? Nooooooo – the metadata is out in front, like a big ugly boulder dropped in your front yard.

Even more flickr eye openings- you cannot right-click save images; they are presented as Flash objects (yes i know screen shots are possible), butt that is n-e-a-t. And what about that link that says “Flag this photo as ‘may offend'”?? What happens when you click it? Do the police come to your door? ;-)

I looooooovvvvvve flickr. I am in love, deep in love.

Go Flickr Go

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  1. *ahem* *pachyderm* *cough*

    It’s trying to address both fronts – hiding as much of the metadata as possible (not completely possible, because not all metadata is captured automatically (EXIF doesn’t know content, etc…), and it uses Flash, so content is rather protected…

  2. While right clicking on an image will not allow you to copy the image, if you click the “all sizes” icon, you will get a page where you are presented with the image and the option to download at various sizes. Right clicking works on this page… I too love Flickr…

  3. D’Arcy:

    “cough” “waiting on pachy” “cough”

    Tim: Thanks for the tip on flickr… I’ve really been skimming the surface of flickr, so its great to discover new aspects

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