The Spam Not Traveled

A tale of two sequential spam emails, in sequential order. First was philosophical spam (one does not see too many of these):

Both the material and spiritual worlds are full of opulence, beauty and knowledge, but the spiritual realm is more magnificent due to its being full of knowledge, bliss and eternity. The material creations are manifested for some time as perverted shadows of the spiritual kingdom.

followed disjointedly by one from “Mrs Alez <wyxlysqws@address.com>”

Heyyy it’s me Brittany… husband left me home alone again

you can come and chat with me, i have an online profile…if you want, we can have a date and get to know each other much closer

Not being much of choice of paths in the wood, both are swept to the trash. But, with apologies to Robert Frost (second reference in two days, do poets get Trackbacks?)

Two spam diverged in my inbox,
And sorry I could not filter both
And be one busy worker, brief I stood
And skimmed down one as fast as I could.
To where it slid in the undergrowth,

Then took the other, as just as bizarre,
And having perhaps the spiritual claim,
Because it was cheesy and wanted reply,
Though as for that, the wondering why
Had deleted them about the same

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