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New Feed2JS Mirror and Some India Students Feed Aggregating

More on the feed front. Sam at KinScape has offered and become the newest of the Feed2JS public mirror sites:

serving up feeds to JavaScript from a server in Michigan. Again, it was about a 30 minute install via ftp (mostly me finding my own typos and errors). We’re ready for more takers, let’s span the globe!

Also, I got a cryptic email from Sunil, a student at the International Institute of Information Technology in India, where it looks like theyh have set up some modified versions of Feed2JS to aggregate a bunch of student blog posts into a one page blogroll (a lot of local hits but it does not take forever)… Sunil and friends (“Intellectual Depravity”) are running some Bloxsom blogs there but some, like “reality bites” are blogspot sites:

I’m someone who thinks Arundhati Roy is a spectacular blend of Michael Moore’s wit, Noam Chomsky’s intellect, and Howard Zinn’s hands-on approach to activism. I’m someone who thinks Richard Stallman is a god, for he gave us the very concept of free software. I’m someone who thinks Rituparno Ghosh is one of the finest movie directors ever. I’m someone who thinks Yash Chopra and Karan Johar simply suck. And yes, I do think Aishwarya Rai is overrated…

I cannot say if I agree that Aishwarya Rai is overrated ;-)

There is some of that way out on the long tail sort of discovery here in student voices… and this network of IT students do a lot of back and forth commenting in their blog-scape.

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