Although I noted yesterday that my own technical gaffs had erase all of our blog comments going back to September 2004, I did comb through the last database dump from early March 2005 and sifted out the legit comments for Sept 2004 – March 3, 2005, so the loss was the last month and a half.

It was fairly trivial with BBEdit to semi-manually sift out all the spam roach poop. There were a total of 1947 rows in the comment table of the database (for about 6 blogs, mostly inactive) and out of those, I deleted 1662 spammies, easily identified by their repeated patterns, url encrusted comments, and general stench. There were sequences of more than 150 in quick succession to a dormant blog (which is now fenced off).

And the captcha security code on the comment form is working like a dream, perfection, baby.

The post "The Dog Barfed Up Some Comments" was originally thawed from a previous ice age and melted at CogDogBlog ( on April 14, 2005.

Yesterday I was trying to clean out a swath of comment spam on a blog we set up for one of our college’s sites, wiping directly from the database, e.g.:

DELETE FROM mt_comments WHERE comment_blog_id=XX AND comment_author like “%poker%”
DELETE FROM mt_comments WHERE comment_blog_id=XX AND comment_text like “%cialis%”
DELETE FROM mt_comments WHERE comment_blog_id=XX AND comment_email like “”

It’s kind of fun watching them go wooshing down the drain in batches like that.

Apparently one of my commands was a little too aggressive (where I took all out above a certain ID and forgot to restrict it to the one blog), and I’ve munged all comments since September 2004! Oh well, that’s why I have hourly database backups…

Back we go into the depths of the database, armed with a wrench and a grease gun to patch things up….

Update: Gulp. My backup scripts were dying over the last 2 months. Now they are fixed. But alas, my comments going back the last 8 months was flushed. Oh well. Not important, eh? How about adding some new comments?

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