Via a recent blog comment I was led by link curiosity to Leigh Blackall’s Teach and Learn Online blog which comes to us from the Blue Mountains of Australia (hence the blue template theme??). From his site, I found a nifty free wiki space called… WikiSpaces where amoung other things like blended learning wikis I found a wiki for Buffalo wings. There’s some nice features here, and each new wiki gets its own URL. Nice.

Leigh also has some “screencasts” such as Using Bloglines to Capture NewsFeeds and Stay in Touch With Learning and Using Blogger to Create a Web Journal though here it looks like Leigh is providing the audio to be played while following his well illustrated screen guides.

This is just a quick skim, but I’m gonna load his blog on the news reader and follow along for a while. Good on ya!

The post "Comment Serendipity" was originally pulled from under moldy cheese at the back of the fridge at CogDogBlog ( on May 25, 2005.