ABC Radio National (Aussies Podcasting)

Let’s give a big “good on ya, ‘mate!” for the Australia’s ABC Radio National site for offering a ton of their audio in mp3 / podcast format. You can poke around the site and find them, or see the listng of the podcast URLs I googled to I Love Radio.org.

This discovery was totally web serendipity… I get an email ding every time someone adds a link to the list of sites using Feed2JS and typically I don’t click as the submission form actually verifies there is a valid use on the site. But for some reason I followed a link to the MovingLines Seasons Change page (it is a wiki… interesting) which used Feed2JS to list some of the Radio National Podcast feed links.

Let’s see… the Canadian CBC is doing podcasts, the BBC has ’em, yet the NPR does not but is “surveying” to understand what people think about podcasting (??) – we are left to dealing with NPR in Real only format. Please send them a copy of the cluetrain as the train has left the station (my weak attempt at humor reminded me to track down the cluetrain parody– the “gluetrain” mainfesto– still there!).

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