Go Dog Go! Fetch 5.0

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Fetch, the Mac OSX ftp tool is released version 5.0, and it finally supports sftp, needed for most of my web transfer work these days. I’ve used string of flaky, bizarre named sftp apps over he last 3 years (CyberDuck, Fugu, and none of them were as reliable as old Fetch was for plain ftp. Most of them mucked up file permissions, had strange 2 pane interfaces, and just sometimes wigged out. IN Fetch, you drag and drop just like your desktop, and it works.

I have used Fetch for ftp so long I barely remember when I started, likely perhaps back in 1992, 1993 when it was software provided by Jim Matthews at Dartmouth College. I remember using it to plunder the great resources provided by the Stanford Info-Mac ftp site.

Check out the “backstory” as it turns out Jim’s winnings on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire enabled him to continue Fetch as a software product and provide a free license for Education and charitable organizations.

Plus, you have to like an application with a dog logo ;-) And it still has that little mouse cursor that changes to a running dog when it is transferring! Go Dog Go!

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  1. Sweet! I’d stopped using Fetch (probably started at the same time you did, last century) and had been using Transmit. Just downloaded Fetch 5, and it’s NICE!

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