Holy Flickr! (Again)

Holy _____. Flickr has done it again, rolling some cool interface features. First of all, great news for folks like Stephen, flickr photos are no longer rendered in Flash, but in DHTML; see From Flash to DHTML (on some pages!).

Also, they have expanded the in-page editing to the Blog This and Send button functionalities. This is in my “steal this interface” pile of things to do as the editing of Flickr titles and captions are cleverly done in the display page, and not requiring a 1990s web editing notion of clicking to another web page, filling out a form, clicking a submit, and then clicking back to see your results. In-page editing rocks.

But the biggest thing IMHO, is that now Flickr notes, the hotspots one can add to images, now can take hyperlinks in the note, so think about a whole hyperlink series of flickry things! See Emerging One for an example (and for those who have never lived through a summer of the 17 locusts pictured, you are lucky!).

Holy Flickr!

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  1. When you posted on this capability a while ago (the Stanley Park entires).. my head nearly exploded.. I could see all sorts of new ways for my geology students to do a final project. But a key capability that was missing was embedding a hyperlink (I tried and cried).

    Now… YAHOO! I can’t wait to play with this concept… Think of the geology field trip guides that can be created and shared here…

    Start with a (google?) map as a photo.. and start linking away.


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