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Based on all the feedback on my complaints about the slippery ear buds that came with my iPod Shuffle, I googled for the suggested Sony brand, and quickly found the Sony MDR-EX81LP buds at Amazon for $32 clams. And in white cables to match the pod.

But what an even nicer surprise when the box came to my house in less than 24 hours than I ordered them! How the heck to they do that?

I just plugged them in and the sound is much better than the Apple mini waffles. I’ll know better tomorrow when/if I go for a run. Just hope the cables hold up to the heat and my sweat here– there is a fair bit of packaging meant to wrap of the cords.

Wow, does technology get more fascinating than this?

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  1. Be careful– the search for headphone quality is the beginning of a slippery slope– soon you’ll be looking at earbuds for $75, then $100 and $300 and finalyl $900 for custom molded hi-fi devices…

  2. I am hoping to have stopped my slide down the slope– I am not all that discriminating for audio.

    But I am keeping in mind for my $99 Shuffle I have purchased a sports case ($24) and now the buds ($40)…

  3. any chance you don’t use the medium earpads? I lost one of mine, and when I called the sony store they said that the earpads are $4 each and $5 for shipping. that’s a third of the cost of the headphones! Be careful not to lose yours!

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