Hello Mesa Community College!

A colleague mentioned the other day that they saw this blog on the front of the web site for the Center for Teaching & Learning at Mesa Community College, the biggest of the 10 Maricopa colleges. So surely I had to drop the work I was doing and check it out (egos need feeding, right?):

Mcc Ctl

Sure enough, they are syndicating CogDogBlog in the upper right! (I am not sure why ;-) so let’s give a big hello to the guys and gals at the Mesa CTL… and while you are there check out all the features they have rolled into a relatively new web site with a nice comprehensive design to it. The CTL has been a long time Maricopa fixture for doing great multimedia, faculty development, and technology work at their college (and not just because they are putting my blabbering on their home page).

It’s encouraging to see some uses of RSS spreading in our system… it’s just getting started as more people start to “get” what RSS is all about.

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  1. Alan…thanks for the note about MCC! I actually saw it pop up when I was conducting a workshop at the CTL on Saturday. We love reading your technology musings here in the CTL.

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