Stigmergic S5 Presentation: DIY eLearning Systems

Very cool.. Rob Wall, who blogs well as StigmergicWeb, shared, in advance, a presentation he did as a nice followup to our Small Technologies Loosely Joined session in Vancouver June, 2004.

In Rob’s eLearning Processes Using Small Technologies Loosely Joined, he makes the case for consideration of free, open source tools for creating learning contgent, and manages to work in that these are in essence “learning objects” (maybe). The nice part is Rob’s doing his presentation with such tools, ditching clunk PowerPoint for a svelte show using Eric Meyer’s S5 template. The slick thing Rob achieved was using the new OPML editing tool and an XML switch to actually construct the content (S5 is beautiful, but you still need to hand edit edit one basic HTML content file. And heck, look at the URL- the presentation link is ****.xml. Slick, well at least for us techies.

Read up on Rob’s blog entry on how he did it.

But there’s more— Rob posted his presentation before he went live, and asked for feedback. How often does this happen? Like never? Check the comments… from Australia, Leigh Blackall offered some ideas that made their into the final show.

I’ve done two presentations with the S5 template and it would be cool to know where more are. Sure I could google or comb through searches, but thought I’d tray but one more tag game– tagging presentations created with S5 in del.icio.us with a new tag S5present:


If you know of more, please play tag.

Good show, Rob!

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