I am still liking the Glu. It seems SuprGlu is gaining some traction (judging from seeing other Glu-ers out there, Jay Cross, Tim Lauer, Scottish Educators, I am sure there are many more) and some new features (judging from poking around the site).

My CogDogBlog RipMixGlu Feed File now has a few more RSS things tossed in the glue pot:


As you can see, one feature is you can now edit the Style Sheet (which is inserted in the HEAD of the source, like Blogger), so you are not stuck with the giant collection of three, count’em, three available templates. With some poking around the source, you can figure out the structure, and I just pulled some images and font classes from my main blog to have some thematic coordination. There is no reason you could not roll your own custom templates.

But that is eye candy.

SuprGlu now (well maybe it did all along) has a tag cloud, I would guess mixing tags from del.icio.us, flickr, and maybe if tags are defined in your blog (not sure where it gets the cloud. But again, this tag cloud is mixed from different sources.

But wait, there’s more! Now SuprGlu offers a combined RSS feed from all my sources, so the Glu Mix can be re-syndicated! Mix some feeds, make some new feeds, wow that is sticky stuff.

The Glu is getting tastier as we go.

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