Maybe its resolution time. In this first burst of 2006 and more than a few big times bloggers are hanging out their “will blog for _______ signs” or going indy. In a long tangent to a post by Will Richardson on “Reinventing Ourselves, Stephen Downes lets loose his desire for a new venue. So long Monkton?

Web Standard-ress Molly Holzschlag is also putting out her offer, I Want You To Hire Me:

I wander the world and talk web standards to everyone I meet.

I’m really good at it. I can teach CSS. And HTML and XHTML too. I can tell you why they matter. I can fix your problems, I can make you more efficient.

I need your help. I need 20k per month. I work really hard, I’ll be where you need me to be. And I’m really, really good. I need a change! Please, make an offer.

Wowzers! 20,000 clams a month! That’s a lot of milk bones. Plus health bennies! I’d do it for less than that (but my hair is not nearly as cool)

And Cory Doctorow quit his day job to have time to write.

What’s goin’ on? Maybe it’s time to brush the crumbs off the resume…

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  1. I’m really impressed that someone would be audacious enough to make such an open appeal (would begging be better terminology) for work and then ask for 20K a month. I barely make more than that in one year of teaching after taxes. Knowing CSS, HTML, XHTML, and being able to teach it to others might be a useful commodity right now, but there are thousands of people capable of doing such work. I really can’t write any more at the moment without becoming even more disgusted…:(

  2. Phew, glad I went to her blog and read her comments. While I understand that she would need 20K for office personal, and server maintenance, you could easily do all of that for 10K a month or less. One personal assistant plus medical insurance would run less than 5K a month, and server maintenance and hosting would easily fall under 200 a month (for bandwidth, hosting, etc.). That leaves almost 5K a month to yourself for travelling, expenses. Still a pretty tiddy sum compared to me teaching salary.

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