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What is Windows XP doing on my Apple laptop?

Shazam, that was easy. I Boot Camp-ed Windows XP onto my Apple MacBookPro.

The post "Worlds Collide" was originally thawed from a previous ice age and melted at CogDogBlog ( on April 21, 2006.


  • Teemu Arina

    I’m running Mac OS X on my PC laptop. How? I use a piece of software called FlyakiteOSX, some additional tools to fake expose and all my Mac OS X friends are totally tricked to believe that I have Mac OS X running. Why do I turn my PC into Mcdonalds OS X if I could go for the real deal? To test if Mac OS X user experience is worth it and so far my Windows XP has felt better than without, I’m ready for the switch.

    I still like my Linux with tabbed PekWM best, though.

  • Flyakite ( is certainly impressive piece of work n therms of spoofing the OS. The real deal is much better.

    Now how is this for recursion… if I run FlyakiteOSX in Windows XP running on my MacBookPro??? Why ask why?

  • D'Arcy Norman

    Alan, of course you’re the first one I know to do this :-) How’s the performance?

    I’m still hoping Apple resurrects the fabled “Red Box” Windows API compatability layer. I saw a demo of it back in the pre-MacOSX (Rhapsody) days, where a Windows app ran on a Mac, without installing Windows at all. That would be waaaay better than dual booting for me.

  • D’Arcy,

    I’ve done not much more than get the OS up, set up my desktop (I hate that green hill), and download Firefox. I’ll do a bit more this week (I need to test ShoutCast which is PC only). It feels responsive. The display is a bit stretched on the wide screen but not distracting. I can’t seem to find the sequence for issuing a right mouse click with only a trackpad available (ctrl do s not work).

    It is hopefully a matter of short time unitl Apple as a true sswithcing approach. I’ve heard from one person giving a good recommendation. It’s just very very early…