I amidst a mostly blogless stretch, chalked up to a hellacious travel schedule recently without even much time to think and breath, much less write. Just got back home Friday night, technically Saturday at 2:00 AM on the last leg of a cross country circle.

The last end was four days in Austin for another iteration of the NMC Marcus Project workshops — these are intense 3 day sessions for participants from Texas art museums where they learn some basics of audio video shooting and editing, woven with the processes of digital storytelling, for the result of creating rich interactive pieces about their collections using the Pachyderm software. We seem some amazing results for such a short time with new software, and we are able to start sharing some of the early birds in the project gallery. Much more to come there.

Things continue to buzz behind the scenes for the process of creating next year’s NMC Horizon report. It’s in motion. There’s never enough time to spend (and too much to sink) inside the realm of Second Life, as blogged over at the NMC Campus Observer — some events on the horizon include some aspects of our fall online conference with some big names for headlineers, and work continues to create a faculty certification program for those interested in teaching in SL– our bi-weekly “Teacher’s Buzz” sessions have been fun and energetic; this is just a live gathering in world for people interested or actually practicing as teachers in Second Life.

And thanks so far for folks who responded my call for ideas related to October’s K12 Online Conference presentation — operators are still standing by (the wiki is open).

More is brewing, eager to return home Thursday night and not seen an airport for at least 2 months.

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