This has been quite a few days… I’ve been in Newark, NJ, for a meeting related to NMC’s project on MacArthur Foundation Series Digital Media (no link, a rather long, un-bloggable story there), but it has been a momentous gathering of top names in the many fields. There are 90 some expert authors and editors working on 6 new volumes to be published in Spring 2007, along with a series of online resources coming online sometime later his fall.

Among all the activity, I got to gently pull many of them aside for some audio and video interviews… the gem of all this was getting me does of blog fandom fed by getting to sit about 10 minutes with Henry Jenkins, whose blog “Confessions of an Aca/Fan” is an incredible stream of content flowing in great amounts. I won;t get to edit until next week, but when I asked about the amount of great blogging he is doing, he shrugged it off as, “I am an essayist…” and how he is challenged to do more than the typical bursts of short blog posts.

And as a wonderful bonuse, we enjoyed a splendid after meeting Italian dinner (complete with a barrel-chested slick hair maitre de likely named “Tony”) with colleagues Heidi and Danielle from Seton Hall (and Second Life).

Tomorrow is a meeting in Manhattan with our colleagues at LearningTimes and then (finally) a trip home where I shall not see an airport until November.

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  1. Heidi and I had so much fun – we look forward to seeing everyone again at the Regional Conference!

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