Let’s say someone sends you some info related to a project, maybe some links, etc… is it bloggable? One could say, if it is on the web, discoverable, Gooogle-able, then it is open to be blogged about?

I faced this recently with something I sent out that some info linked to a project site that is not quite ready for public exposure… and one person took that as a prompt to blog about it. Now, I take the responsibility, since there were never any parameters set out by me, I did not prepend a message or the project with a request to keep it out of public sites until it was prime time. My bad. But does that make it fair game? Likely so. A link is wide open to anyone who can find it, guess it, etc, right?

It’s really not even a problem, and the impact is not even important, so I am hoping the person who reads this knows what I am talking about, need not make a fuss. It is not an issue or problem at all. I think it is more of an interesting questions bloggers may consider themselves– what is fair game to write about? What is off limits? What do you follow up and say, “Is it okay if I post something about this?”

And the beauty i of the blog–verses, we each get to make that choice. There is no need to appeal to gurus on a mountaintop who write Rules About Blogging That Begin With Big Roman Numerals like they were commandments or something… we can do our own rules, follow them, break them, etc.

So there is no answer to “Is X Bloggable” except– “It’s up to the Blogger”.

So is anything not bloggable? Hmmmmmmm.

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  1. I suspect that blogging individually identifiable student data, while technically bloggable, would get me very quickly fired from my job. And find me in violation of federal law.

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