I struggle to find the solid chunks of time to take care of some pending updates to Feed to JavaScript (Feed2JS). I am about half way through setting up a code site on eduforge, and need to create a web front end. This will be the primary source for the current code release (at least a few intrepid folk have found it), and soon the documentation, history, FAQ, etc. I hope to see the questions I get go to the forums there, along with feature requests. I hope some developers might be interested in signing up to help plug the holes and ad some new features. I am still learning about all the tools available on the site, but its a great resource place to hang code.

What is still half baked in my lab is:

* a way for the users of the primary and soon to expand mirror sites, be able to select the mirror they wish to use. I am not running the service on the eduforge site, the primary public site to use to generate feeds should be http://feed2js.org and the 4 or so mirror sites I still have access to.
* a way for mirror sites to dl the site, and register their site as a mirror. So I don’t have to
* I have taken away completely the option that generates an HTML version of the content- this was primarily for the NOSCRIPT portion of the code, but it’s been abused by spammers to boost their Google count. Long story, but stupid spammers again waste my time. NOSCRIPT will simply display a message now and link to the RSS source (is there something else it should do??)
* I have some code to experiment with that might allow the cut and paste magic to filter out items defined by keywords passed to it. No promise.
* I hope someday, someone with better skills than me can find a way to do an AJAX approach for the feed previews.

Anyhow it is in slow progress, but moving a bit.

And lovely- the original site I hoisted at Maricopa is still a dead server, and I feel horrible that there are thousands of pages still ping-ing it. Sigh…

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