Despite my best intentions, I am now in a state of blogging to about 4 or 5 sites, all my own doing. So why not do some internal promoting?

On the personal side, is I Hate Running, a WordPress I put together last year when I completed my first ever half marathon. I ran a second one just 3 months later, so “hate” become “sorta like”.

This blog was a fun stretch with the template, and taught me some new tricks with using custom fields to trigger different content affects. There’s a fair amount of randomness hidden away there too.

So in the spirit of efficiency, rather than running 13.1 miles on 2 separate dates, I am combining to run my first full marathon in January 2007. The blog serves as my diary, log, and a way to connect with others– like Kleph who has been commenting from Peru.

Okay, so here is the shameless plug- I am running also to raise money with team Diabetes; I am into my 36th year of living fairly well with diabetes, a disease which is hard not to know anyone affected, and one that continues to grow in numbers each year. So if you feel inclined to sponsor me, well thanks! I have a web form to sign up. Otherwise, at least drop an encouraging comment (spammers need not click, though they do at a rampant pace).

Oops, gotta run.


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