Hey, it is all about ME, right?

So, if you thik this can measure the impact of your blog on the universe, give a spin of Bloginfluence, where you enter the URL of your blog (that was not 100% obvious on the form), and you need to dig out your Bloglines ID. Let the browser spin a bit, and the slot machines wheels spit out, and the grand resounding impact of CogDogBlog is….

My influence

C’mon, you cannot resist, can you? Drop your important work, and feed the ego machine….

A tail wag of credit goes out to Alex Alavais… who has 2000 more influence points!

I happily reside down on the far right of the long tail.

The post "Mindless, Time Wasting, Ego Chasing Vain Pursuit" was originally rescued from the bottom of a stangant pond at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2006/09/mindless-time-wasting-ego-chasing-vain-pursuit/) on September 28, 2006.


  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    I’d guess something’s not quite right. It’s claiming I’m a 35888, and that’s with Bloglines reporting an error. Still… great… yet another thing to obsessively track ;-)

  • Scott Leslie edtechpost.ca/mt

    Is higher better or worse? I don’t get this – and it wasn’t obvious where on the site they explained it

  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    The only “documentation” I could see was a description of the algorithm they use. Looks like morer is gooder. But it’s using an arbitrarily weighted formula, so is not really meaningful. They DO provide a link to Firefox + Google Toolbar, so I’m guessing it’s at least partially a link referral adsense racket.

  • Moving at the Speed of Creativity » Blog Archive » Following the conversations speedofcreativity.org/2006/09/29/following-the-conversations

    […] I learned this evening from Alan Levine’s “Mindless, Time Wasting, Ego Chasing Vain Pursuit” post about bloginfluence.net. Yes, using this tool is a bit like “Googling” your own name, but I also think in a more positive than vain sense this is a very powerful tool for following the connected conversations in the blogosphere. […]

  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    It seems to vary rather wildly. I’m now at 53771, without any explanation for the 20000 increase. Bizarre…

  • Stephen Downes downes.ca

    My rating: 303798.5

    A bit understated because I could only include on e of my Bloglines feeds. :p