There seems to be no end to the toys, tools, and cool add-ons that flickr spawns, simply by allowing its programming interface to be available to outside developers. The latest, is Splashr, billed humbly as “a tool for presenting Flickr photos.” Flickr, already allows you to create slide shows from your recnt photos, photos from a specific tag, etc, but the slideshow presentation is, well, rather basic.

That’s where splashr comes in- you can give it a tag, and/or a flickr account, and then you can choose from a number of HTML or Flash “templates” to form a more elegant, or just different, interface for presenting slideshows.

So, for example, there is the simple slideshow flickr does for my photos tagged with nmv2006reg, ones from the NMC Regional Conference, but through Spashr, I can create, for example, a slideshow using the reflector filmstrip (kind of like one of the Keynote presentation templates):


Or this one is using the “Fire” Flash Frame– icons spin in around a frame, on a flamed background:


Once you preview a show, you can then have splashr generate a link you could share or post, send via e-mail, e.g.

or it can generate code you can copy/paste and embed into your own web site, either as an in-page displaye (iframe code), or a link that will launch the full slideshow in a popup window.

Splashr is cool, yet keep in mind you are dependent in running flickr through a secondary web site (the splashr site)

The coolness factor is moreso for yet another model where it shows the benefit of web providers like flickr,, et. al. providing the “hooks” for individuals to create additional features that may go beyond what is possible in the original tool. It’s like getting free software development that drives users to to use the origination site to a greater degree. Until the web age, traditional software development was to keep it all inside the garden walls. Flickr shows the benefit of a garden with big bright 2-way windows.

And here is a linktribution to nessman for tagging this to me via a for:cogdog tag — my hunch for one of the most powerful, yet sublime, social networking tools.

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