I’m not sure where or why I would ever do this, so put this in the category of “curious, but some day I will slap my hand on my forehead and say, ‘I have a need for this’!”

RSS2GIF can render, dynamically (I guess) the headlines of an RSS feed as an image, so you could have it on a web site as a way to generate a graphic based on an RSS feed. Here is my cheesy example (of course, using my own feed!)


It gives only the recent post titles, and there are no links to each post, just the main blog.

So where, how, why would you use this? I am scratching my head and wondering.

A linktribution to ResearchBuzz for mention of this site

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  1. Hallo folks,
    we just updated our service. Go back to http://www.rss2gif.com and check out text color selection to create your personal RSS2GIF!
    For news visit our page and send us a message.

    The goal of RSS2GIf is you do not need any JavaScript enabled browser or any setup of php on servers to include it into HTML. Use it as easy as a GIF image.


  2. Alfred, that’s cool, but the services Alan linked to don’t require you to have any PHP on your server, and are as simple as copying and pasting a javascript into your own page. Much like, say, copying and pasting an img tag… But, you know, with links, and searchable text, and all kinds of cool juju…

  3. Hey Alan,
    I could use this on my Freshman Comp wiki. Unlike pbwiki, Wetpaint doesn’t allow javascript, so I can’t put any RSS feeds on the wiki. Kind of sucks, but I like the site and it’s free. Anyway, this might be a way to at least get a picture of the posts from the class blog on the wiki site. I’ll have to check it out.

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