Flickr Drops the Hammer on Spammer

Yes another log on the fire for my adoration of flickr. One of my “dogs only” rss feed in my Reader is a watch on my comments in flickr (there is an RSS feed for yourself at http://www.flickr.com/recent_activity.gne?days=2). There is asome bit of ego involved, but mainly so I can reply to comments, yes that is the reason.

Anyhow, I saw this one just now, and it did not seem to make a whole lot of sense:\\


But when I went to the photo to see it, I could not find it. And the link took me to some site that had no relevance at all to the photo or comments already posted. So then, just out of curiosity, I followed the link on the commenter where I see:


so it seems that flickr is staying on top of this and stomping accounts created for spamming. They did it before I even could discover it myself.

Maybe it is just luck, timing, or I am missing the whole story, but here, on this eve of the big holiday, I like to believe in miracles, that companies actually might be pro-active on stomping on spammers. I want to believe.

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