Shuddup You, Facebook!

This dog has put down a paw on the dominant proliferating swine source of email bacn. Getting an email notification of an “X me” message (no idea why that is different from any other message), I wasted my time/bandwidth to find someone sent me a snowman. Thanks, sweet thought, but…


I will not put up with notification by email that does not include in the notification some indication of the message, if not the full message itself. So the kibosh has been placed on my facebook account. Notifications are set to “off” down the line.

Stay out of my inbox, swine. If I want to find out what lies in my facebook, I will choose when and where to know– I will check it myself. Maybe once a week, once a month, once a …

Again, I am not being closeminded to Facebook, but just because I have previously said you have to look at such things from the inside, it does not mean I have to embrace them equally with desire. I see an incredible environment of netowkring and connecting.. yet that seems to be just about all there is… connecting for the sake of connecting and what is being done with all these connections?

Trying to not even be more negative, but while I have developed a loving relationship over the years with some other web apps, I am just not getting that tingly feeling about Facebook. I don’t mind or judge of you do, it just aint doin much for dis dawg….

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  1. Alan,

    I agree one hundred percent. I have given Facebook a try and I am not convinced. The core apps such as blogs, wikis and del.icio.us are the tools of choice for me.

    And, Chuck, Facebook’s aesthetics are rather elegant in comparison to the absolute mess that is MySpace.

    I laughed Alan when I had read you had tagged this post web bad dog. Does that mean you will be sent to a virtual pound for your doggie misdemeanor?



  2. I would be more than happy if some one grabbed Facebook and my mobile phone then flushed them down the toilet. Email-facebook-email = can live without. Oops does that make me also bad?

  3. Hi Sue,

    I know exactly how you feel Sue. I once worked in an educational technology start-up in Singapore. We relied on our mobile phones. We would receive calls at all hours. The boss would call late at night and pontificate for hours. The worst was a call late one night to meet up with a business-person en route from Hong Kong to Europe via Singapore. The meeting lasted till the early morning hours. If I did not possess a mobile phone I would have slept instead. Late night calls and meetings happened many times. I no longer enjoyed hearing my mobile phone ring.

    Years later, upon my return to Australia I began reducing my reliance on the mobile phone. As an educator in a school I really did not need it for work. The school and the planet would get by without it. It did before. WHy mot now I asked? By July 2007 I had two persons on my phone’s address list ~ my wife and my best friend, Evan. By August 2007 I stopped using the mobile phone. I have not missed it. I communicate via f2f, email, my blog and the conventional phone at home.

    I think I shall also end my Facebook account. I intend to work with the technology tools that facilitate connectivity, productivity and most importantly, creativity. Facebook does not possess all three of those characteristics from my perspective.

    Living without facebook and your mobile phone? That does not make you bad Sue ~ it makes you human.



    [Alan ~ thanks for allowing your doggie bloggie to be a vehicle for these communications. thanks, John.]

  4. Hi John

    The mainly use my mobile phone to access the mobile web. Most of the time the battery is flat or out of reach — I actually have become phone phobic (if that is a word) because I really hate talking on any phone whether it be a mobile or conventional phone. Why use it when we have VOIP? My hubby hates it when I don’t want to ring people back but who wants to be tied to a phone for an hour talking?

    Facebook mmmm. Won’t delete it because it does provide yet another way for people to choose to connect with me. I do have people who use my sites that link up in Facebook to say hi and some of my students interact with me there. But that is my only use. Maybe I have not worked out how to use it effectively? But I don’t think so.

    Actually I would love to flush other people’s phones as well. Specially those that think talking loudly on them in change rooms and public places is cool.

    (Thanks Alan for letting John and me chat away on your blog :) )

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