Oh flickr, how I adore thee! my love runneth over…

But after a lot of blog rants, its just so nice to say some nice things about nice people.


I always get extra excited when my RSS feed for comments on my pix lights up in that “unread” color, so I checked out a link today, and ugh! It had no context to the photo, and it linked to some wretched site about increasing your web site ranks.

Spam comment links in my flickr stream! Tell me it ain’t so!

I followed the “Report Abuse” link on the bottom of the screen and saw several categories. Yep, spam. But then it suggested I send it from the profile page of the abuser. Well what a surprise! There were no photos loaded for the scum bag. So I fired off a note, included to the link where the spammer dribble on my site.

I got this response in a little under 90 minutes:

I feel all aglow inside.

Flickr, you had me at “scrubbed the spam”.

The post "Yep, More Flickr Love" was originally dropped like a smoking hot potato at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2008/01/more-flickr-love/) on January 8, 2008.


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